Monday, December 22, 2008

A Christmas Present to myself

Tonight at the Academy we worked FRAN...she is one mean lady. Standard weight is 65lbs for women and 95Lbs for Men. Exercises are Squat Thrusters and Pull-ups, reps are 21-15-9 for time.

I went into this with a lot of trepidation. I've not attempted the 65lb standard weight before. I can do kipping pull-ups, so I was okay with those. Well...I managed the 65lbs through the second set (15's) but had to reduce the weight to 55lbs at the 9's. I just could not clean the weight from the floor, that 10lbs makes a huge difference and I was then able to do the 9 thrusters. My last 9 pull-ups were agonizing because my forearms and grip were shot! I finished with a pathetic time of 14 mins?? or so. But you know what..I'm okay with that, because I came so close to the standard. I'm convinced that it won't take me too much longer to get strong enough to manage the 65lbs throughout the time probably won't be great, but it will be to standard!

Testing limits..smartly,..indeed brings confidence. Once again, facing fears and defeating them one rep at a time..a little Christmas present to myself.

Speaking of the's wishing all of you:



NO MORE STRESS, be done with all the stuff that doesn't matter and

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ReriVeritas said...

Hey Mountain Goat,

Glad to read about you and Fran. Honestly, I needed to hear that. I attempted it to standard and had to go down to 55 lbs. after #15 in the first set. I felt like such a loser! As a matter of fact, I realized today, that I took a serious blow to my confidence that day, and it's been difficult for me to recover mentally since then. I just haven't felt like competing.

I was the last woman to finish that day, which isn't usual for me anymore I'm happy to say. And for some reason, I took it way too hard!

So thanks for your post. I see you struggled with it too! But as usual, you found the silver lining, and I very much needed to be reminded of that.

So tomorrow I pick myself back up, dust myself off and push to excel once again. :O)