Sunday, February 7, 2010

What a gorgeous day for running a race with old friends.

The last time I ran this race was at least 5 years ago. It was a tradition set by my former bosses at the law office where I used to work. That was before I really understood how to train my running effectively. At that time my pace was close to 10 minutes a mile for this course; today I ran it at a 7:40 pace..and that makes me very happy! I am older, I just turned 49 and yet I am faster than I was 5 years ago. Why? with PURPOSE, MOTIVATION AND DIRECTION. Things I learned as a bootcamper under my coach Eric LeClair. Now, I, as a trainer, aim to motivate my clients with these same ideas. I am proof that training with purpose, motivation and direction really does work.

Here are my stats from the REDONDO BEACH SUPERBOWL SUNDAY 10K 2/7/2010:

Hope Langevin #8265 Monrovia, CA Age: 49 Gender: F
Distance 10K
Clock Time 47:55.7
Chip Time 47:30.9
Gender Place 69 / 1751
Division Place 10 / 185
Age Grade 72.1%
Pace 7:40
All Place 460

What you will find in racing these faster and more popular courses is that the talent pool is huge! I faced a very tough group of runners in my division: 1st place lady was 39:59 and she was 47 years old! 2nd Place was 40:36 and 3rd was 41:45. With that kind of competition I am grateful to have achieved 10th place in Division and 69th woman out of 1,751 and 460th overall out of a total of 3,843 runners (male and female) ain't too shabby.

Playing with the big dawgs is a whole different ball game..but it was fun and exciting to try and hang in there.

Now a new chapter to my training is about to begin in March. Crossfit Endurance (CFE). I will be my own experiment. CFE is a very different way to train for endurance events; it breaks a lot of "rules" that the endurance community lives by. We'll see. I am very excited...