Friday, January 2, 2009

2009- The Quest..Dreams into Realities

Goals, dreams..they seem interrelated to me. Don't we dream of the goals we want to achieve?

The quest then is in pursuing the dream, setting the goal and turning it into a reality.

2009 is off to a good start for me in some areas, but I've got to get it going in other areas -- and do so while the year is still young.

SUCCESSES TO DATE... and it's only the first week of the year!
1. I have a new work schedule...more work, which is good for me financially. I'll be learning new skills and expanding my "universe" to speak.

2. BOOTCAMP is off to a great start! I am so proud of my Lady Boot Campers. Five of them in particular are training together on their own in addition to attending Bootcamp. They've already set a race schedule for the entire year! They are so motivated, this is what I live for as a coach. They get it! They understand that their training is more productive and even more fun when it has a purpose outside of itself, i.e. activities and/or sport they can apply it to. They are making the discovery that they are capable of so much more than they thought.

3. PERSONAL TRAINING BIZ: Two of my personal clients have made impressive achievements in weight loss this past year and are becoming "mentally tougher" during their training sessions. They are also getting better at keeping active when they are not training with me. One of them has found a hiking friend, but my client wants to run more and ON HER OWN has put them both on a conservative running program that they will work for 30 days to gradually improve their running. Again...I LIVE FOR THIS! She wants to achieve's not my goal for her, it's her goal.


1. Getting my own training nailed down for the goals I've set.

2. Growing the Women's Bootcamp program.

3. Growing and developing the personal training side of my business. Have some ideas, but need to make them materialize.

This requires more self discipline in several areas: A. Time Management B. Personal Health, i.e. improving nutrition and rest. C. Learning business skills such as writing a business plan, budgeting, learning to use the resources I have on hand more effectively. In other words, becoming a better business woman.

I've heard it said that:
"Dreams are good, but Realities are better." I agree.

I'll be working to turn some of my dreams into realities in 2009.


ReriVeritas said...

Hey Hope,
What days do you teach bootcamp? I might like to come around here and again.

AdventureSeeker said...

Hope, you've accomplished some amazing goals already. I see no reason why you won't conquer these too! Best, Lisa

Trail Runner Con Dios said...

I love dogging your heels and am very glad you'll be helping coach the MWT Saturdays.

AND, next Thursday is my scheduled track morning, you get to call the time and I'll be there!

ReriVeritas said...

Hey Hope,
Thanks for the Helen comments. You know, you are right. That is my next step too--do anything with pullups to standard. The only way we're going to get better is by doing it, right?

You are such an awesome lady. I always appreciate your coaching, your comments and who you are. :O)